2 Chainz – “Pimp C Back”

Didn’t think I would ever post a song by 2 Chainz, but here we are…

All bullshit aside, while even I can admit that Tity Boi has been putting in major work as of late, I passed on this song a few times because of the “Pimp C Back” title. No disrespect to The Pimp but how many “Tupac Back” remixes are we gonna get before “Buff Love Back” is born (No disrespect to the Fat Boys). Thank God that Tity Boi chose to use a different beat and to be honest, it’s that beat that made me post this.

The track is sorta tagged up right now but you know I’ll switch it out if a No DJ version appears. R.I.P. Chad Butler.

Update: Added No DJ version.

Download: Tity Boi – “Pimp C Back”