Daz, RBX, The Lady Of Rage, & Kurupt Reunite As N’Matez [Video]

During the 90’s when Death Row Records was running this rap shit, I don’t think you could’ve found a bigger fan than yours truly. So when I saw this video with Death Row OG’s Daz Dillinger, RBX, The Lady Of Rage, & Kurupt The Kingpin all together and rapping, I got a heavy nostalgic feeling. But then I thought; “Do I really wanna hear these guys in 2011? Probably not.”

All the MC’s I mentioned here have formed a group called N’Matez. I have no idea if “Trajical” is just a sign of an upcoming album but at the end of the video it does say “to be continued”, so I’m betting more music is on the way (Then again, how many videos has promised that and never delivered?).

After all this time, Rage sounds like her old self (Which is a good thing). On the other hand, Father Time wasn’t as kind to RBX.