Lil’ Wayne’s Public Service Announcement [Video]

Okay kids. Pull up a chair, Lil’ Wayne is about to ramble on talk for basically 30 minutes (Surprisingly I actually watched the whole thing). In this video, Derick G captures Tunechi explaining a few things:

  • The reason he started drinking syrup: He first said he wanted to be like UGK but then he said it was because he was sick. Huh?
  • The reason he started getting tattoos: He got the one on his stomach because he wanted to be like 2Pac. Somewhere P-Body is happy.
  • The reason he bought a Bugatti: 1.8 million of his hard earned money. The Barack Obama of Bugatti!
  • The reason he put out a Rock album: He wanted to play guitar & sing to a woman.
  • The reason he started skateboarding: He saw a little kid on TV skateboarding. He actually has a ramp in his crib.

And this whole thing was because of Steve Jobs’ death? All hating aside, this video does provide a closer look into the mind of Lil’ Wayne and is an interesting watch.

“Do what you do ladies and gentlemen and do it well and know why you doing it. And don’t be afraid to believe in why you’re doing it and so be it Lil’ Wayne the reason”

Sidenote: Towards the end, Weezy plugs the new Young Money/Discover card. Wait, did he NOT blur out those credit card numbers? (*Writes down numbers & goes to*)