Wale feat. J. Cole – “Bad Girls Club” [Video]

With Wale‘s new album Ambition dropping today (And a review by us on the way), what better time than to drop a visuals for the first single featuring J. Cole, “Bad Girl’s Club”. But here’s the weird thing, “Bad Girl’s Club” didn’t even make the final tracklist for Ambition. Maybe they shot the video before finalizing if the actual song would even make it to the album.

Speaking of the video, I’m guessing all the women featured here have appeared on the actual Bad Girl’s Club reality show. I recognized Natalie Chin because of uh, the chin, but besides that, I’ve only see the show when videos of the fights pop up on line. But as for this video, it’s basically Wale & Cole hanging with broads behaving badly (With cameos from Rick Ross & DJ Khaled).

Something else weird. The end of the video featured a teaser for “Tats On My Arm”, another song NOT featured on Ambition.

Sidenote: I just remembered another chick who was on Bad Girl’s Club. Sadly, I didn’t see her in the video.