Brock Lesnar Returns To WWE & Confronts John Cena On Raw

For this weekend’s WrestleMania, not only were me & Saule off with some of our predictions, we were totally wrong about the night’s biggest match, John Cena vs. The Rock. Of course I still stand by that the notion that it didn’t make sense for The Rock to beat Cena, but he did and now we move on.

WWE Raw after WrestleMania is always a good show because it’s almost like a reset of storylines as well as the fallout from wrestling’s biggest event. And to be honest, a lotta stuff actually did happen on the show: The John Laurinaitis era started, Prince Albert Lord Tensai returned from Japan, CM Punk & Jericho continued their rivalry, & Alberto Del Rio returned. Hell, Rock even showed up in Miami last night & said that he wanted to be WWE champion again.

But that wasn’t even the biggest news last night. The biggest surprise last night was the return of Brock Lesnar. Okay. It wasn’t the biggest surprise since it was rumored that Lesnar had signed with WWE this past weekend (Check out the nappyafo tweets), and the crowd even chanted Lesnar’s name before he came out, but it was still pretty cool seeing the “The Next Big Thing” return to the wrestling ring. The F-5 still looks crazy and kicking Cena’s hat afterwards was just disrespectful.

Sidenote #1: Funny that Albert & Brock returned on the same show. Remember that F-5?
Sidenote #2: Supposedly Lesnar signed a one year deal with WWE with a reduced schedule.