Chris Brown – “Till I Die” (feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa) x “Mercy Freestyle” [Videos]

Chris Brown enhances the exemplification of his rapping abilities, that is his remix of “Mercy”, with a music video for the track. As his spits his verse, which happens to be much more impressive than any on the original release, the scenes constantly switch from a crowd at one of his shows to him rapping in front of a projector. The dark and eerie imagery match that of the beat in a colorful manner.

The video consists of multiple clips of the singer donning extravagant and downright weird apparel. It also contains clips from him on stage and scenes from a club.

It seems to be a very low budget video and was probably done on a whim. This release follows a recent trend in the realization that videos can be made for almost any track since the cost of doing so is now very low due to current technological capabilities.

He also teamed up with Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, and Snoop Dogg for the music video for “Til I Die”, one single from his upcoming album Fortune. This video is a perfect example of Brown’s playful style when approaching music videos.

It’s also another product of the low budget music video trend. Whether this trend is good for the industry is debatable. One could argue that this only lowers the production value for videos and makes them less attractive to watch. But it’s also arguable that music videos were never very high in quality in the first place.