Throwback: Snoop Dogg – Tha Last Meal

A couple of days ago I found a Snoop Dogg Tha Last Meal CD at work. Yes at work. And I don’t work at a music shop of any kind. Finding that CD at work would have an equivalent likelihood as finding a Ja Rule poster at David Duke’s crib. Well, maybe not but highly unlikely regardless. But I digress…

Anyway… Needless to say, I took the CD (Believe me or not, I somehow felt entitled to it like I was doing the world a favor by taking it) and bumped it as soon as I got home. I had trouble finding a CD player then remembered that computers actually do play CDs. I was thrilled to have found the CD: firstly because I wanted to see if the shit actually played, and second: I haven’t heard the album in a long minute.

Everything about the album takes me back to my high school days when I actually listened to Snoop. From the cover to that “Y’all Gone Miss Me” track. Besides taking me back to them high school days I think this is one of Snoop’s best albums, second only to Doggystyle. It felt as though Snoop was on a hiatus from Doggystyle till this album was released – I wasn’t feeling much of his material in between these 2 albums.

Well, since this is not a review or anything I merely wanted to reinvite the ‘Nation to listen to Tha Last Meal one more ‘gain.

Favorite Track On The Album: “Wrong Idea” feat. Bad Azz, Kokane, & Lil’ HD

What are the ‘Nations thoughts?