Rick Ross – “Hold Me Back” [Video]

Okay, so as of now, Rick Ross has the hoodest music video of 2012. For the visuals for “Hold Me Back”, Rozay goes down to the infamous Calliope Projects in New Orleons. Ross told MTV:

We went to New Orleans to capture that essence. I feel like New Orleans been through it a lot, more than the majority of others, and they’re still strong, they’re still standing, they still got that pride. So you know, we went out to New Orleans, no permits, just pulled up in the Calliope projects and jumped out.

If Ross was trying to capture the essense of hood life, he did just that (With director TAJ). Matter of fact, the “Hold Me Back” video has all the hood shit you could imagine: Pit bulls, hood rats, little kids, projects, shirtless thugs, etc. But besides that, the video is shot really well in black & white. It’s also matches the theme of the song and hearing Rick Ross talk about rent being late or not having food is kinda refreshing.

Sidenote: BET supposedly won’t play this video. They’ve played worse.