Hit-Boy feat. Kid Cudi – “Old School Caddy”

To follow up his last track, “Jay-Z Interview”, Hit-Boy hooks up with Kid Cudi and drops “Old School Caddy”. Besides the fact that Cudi is rapping again (He quit then started back again), this song still has me shaky on the solo career of Hit-Boy. Yes, he produced tracks like Kanye West’s “Too Cold” & The Throne’s “Niggas In Paris”, but he didn’t even produce “Jay-Z Interview” (The beat was the best part of that song) and “Old School Caddy” (Which I assume he produced) is so-so and definitely not a home run. Then again, sometimes he reminds me of a young Kanye and we all see how that turned out. We’ll wait and see.

Download: Hit-Boy feat. Kid Cudi – “Old School Caddy”