The BET 2012 Hip Hop Awards Cyphers [Videos]

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The True School Cypher
Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Ab Soul, & Sarkodie

You know how every year BET has a foreign rapper in a cypher that sounds like he’s spitting but you’re not sure because it’s all in another language, Sarkodie is this year’s guy. Good verses and lines from everybody involved here but it feels like they just threw this group together at the last minute. This could have been prime position for the Black Hippy cypher I mentioned earlier.

One to Watch: I’m gonna go with Talib Kwei because he rapped about how he’s too intelligent for BET and don’t play his music (Props to Phonte). Plus he had that Frank Ocean/Chick-Fil-A line that I thought was so-so but the crowd liked.

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