Rick Ross feat. Wale & Drake – “Diced Pineapples” [Video]

Did Rick Ross really have a seizure last year? I’m only asking because for somebody who needs to be slowing down, he seems to now be releasing more music that ever. His tally for 2012 is now two mixtapes, one album with his crew, one solo album, and about a million music videos. Add “Diced Pineapples” featuring Wale & Drake to the list. Rozay takes to crew to Anguilla and hugs up with Certified Banger Bernice Burgos. Bawse! Directed by Director X

Sidenote #1: This video came out earlier this week but was taken down for some reason.
Sidenote #2: Is that the $12 million dollar yacht Ross was talking about on The Black Bar Mitzvah?