Fro Fantasy Football League Week 9 Recap

Well, Week 9 is in the books and this fantasy season is winding down and the playoff teams are starting to shape up! I do want to thank everyone that has participated in the league and making it one of the BEST fantasy leagues out there! I know a couple of people aren’t happy with the way their teams are performing this year and they are thinking about waving the white flag or concentrate on their OTHER leagues. NAH, the FFFL is THE ONLY LEAGUE THAT MATTERS! Now that’s out the way, LET’S GET SOME SCORES!

Week 9 Results *winners in BOLD*

Dirty ravens  – 76.40
Heisenberg  – 110.84

Looks like Ol’ Heisenberg isn’t through yet! After making an example of the Dirty Ravens, the commish is positioning himself for another playoff run! We all know once he gets in…everything starts to fall in place!

Detroit FaceFuckers  – 103.82
Vice Kings  – 130.44

Clay Davis took out the trash this week, and by trash I mean the Throat Thrusters! Clay Davis now has the task of putting an end to Heisenberg’s playoff dreams by beating him next week. Don’t think it will happen, but we all know Clay is praying to Baby Jesus that he beats me.

Los Pollos Hermanos  – 121.08
Spread Jerm  – 69.42

LPH continues to beat up on inferior competition. Maybe his schedule was loaded at the beginning and easier down the stretch? Who knows, but maybe the mid season breakdown was all that he needed to reinvigorate his squad.

Shut_em_da_fuck_up  – 58.78
Dr Mom Loves Chocolate  – 95.48

Dr Mom continues to ETHER all the competition. This time the victim was Faraj, and he found out what it takes to deal with the JUGGERNAUT! (First time this has been used this season!) I don’t want to look ahead, but I have to play her Week 12!

Vaudeville Villains  – 78.30
Hit Squad  – 42.90

Arkitekt took advantage of Otis and his LOVE AFFAIR with the Skins! Hey Otis, let’s change the strategy up next week and try to salvage your season! A win is a win at the end of the day.

TyshonRockz  – 75.06
ABC Easy as RG3  – 147.36

Seems like EVERYONE has had a turn with Tisha (except me…peace, Queen), this week is was Cornell’s turn. When I say he tore that thang up…HE DID THAT! He owes a chunk of that win to the legs of Doug Martin (51.50 points), which is one of the best fantasy days of all time! Poor Tisha, looks like her only highlight from this season is beating the CHAMP!

Head Bangaz  – 78.62
Fuck yo feelings  – 72.14

Cyclone kept up his winning ways by disposing of JRich in a tight battle. Seems like the Head Bangaz have been on a mission ever since they got called out by me earlier in the season. No charge for lighting a fire to your team, I do that kind of stuff all the time.

North Caka Laka All Day  – 92.00
Hip Hop Junkies  – 122.02

You had a spark when you started, now you just garbage. That should be the motto for Jenk’s team. I don’t know what has gotten into SW and the HHJ this season. He’s beating everybody that steps in his way. I wonder who that one loss was to?

Overall Standings

Black Division

1. Hip Hop Junkies (8-1)

2. Vaudeville Villains (6-3)

3. Los Pollos Hermanos (5-4)

4. Shut em da fuck up (5-4)

5. North Caka Laka All Day (4-5)

6. Heisenberg (4-5)

7. Head Bangaz (4-5)

8. TyshonRockz (2-7)

Green Division

1. Dr Mom Loves Chocolate (7-2)

2. Detroit FaceFuckers (6-3)

3. ABC Easy as RG3 (6-3)

4. Vice Kings (5-4)

5. Dirty Ravens (4-5)

6. Fuck yo Feelings (3-6)

7. Hit Squad (2-7)

8. Spread Jerm (1-8)