Why You Should Listen To: Sean Price [MixEP]

Hopefully you read our review of Sean Price‘s latest album Mic Tyson. If you did, you probably saw me acting like an idiot in the comments section randomly quoting Sean Price rhymes. So you really shouldn’t be surprised that I’m using our Why You Should Listen To series to spread the gospel of Jesus Price (aka Kimbo Price aka Sean Legend aka Mandela P). Once again, I kept it short, stayed away from features & cameos (Unintentionally I mostly chose songs not on mixtapes/albums), and stayed true to the MixEP format by giving you 7 tracks just to get you started. P!

1. Figure Four
2. Shut The Fuck Up
3. Untitled
4. TKO (with L.E.G.A.C.Y., Phonte, & Chaundon)
5. Ruben Blades
6. Smoov P
7. Broken Safety Pt. 2 (The Incredible P)

Download: Why You Should Listen To: Sean Price [MixEP]