LL Cool J feat. Joe – “Take It” [Video]

I think we’d all agree that there is no sure fire pathway to success (as in solid album sales) but at the same time, we all know how to make sure that it doesn’t do well. Weak promotion is almost assuredly a path to failure as much as adding Drake, Wayne, or Minaj will get your song on air. Rant notwithstanding, LL is set to drop his 14th studio album Authentic Hip Hop on February 12, 2013. The most curious statement about my opening statement as it pertains to this album…he’s released another single before this one! You heard it? I haven’t even seen it talked about. (yes, I feel some kinda way about all this.)

As it were, the album title and this song are strange bed-fellows indeed because “Take It” is the sound that LL has been known for, but I don’t think folks would consider it Hip Hop…whatever that is anymore. This feels like a long cameo on a R&B track. It’s filled with sexual innuendos, talk of tricking, and use of words that rhyme but still manage to sound try-hard. The video is pretty straight forward with the dopest part being around the 2:30 mark where you get a visual collage of LL’s different albums/styles.

“Saule, you seem to dis the video from jump, why even post it?”
Hey, I rocks with LL and I’m sure we’ll be reviewing this album…probably a FFWD but a review, so why not put up the music. This cat is a legend so it’s posted out of respect. This song however… *yawn*.