Joe Budden feat. Fabolous, Lil’ Wayne, & Tank – “She Don’t Put It Down” [Video]

She Don't Put It Down

Joe Budden finally releases the music video for “She Don’t Put It Down”. I was thinking the other day about why he hadn’t released the visuals yet, then it gets to Lil’ Wayne‘s verse, and I think I understand.

It feels like they couldn’t get Wayne in the video at first so they combined versions of the song so they could get Fabolous in the video (Wayne’s is on the original with Tank while Fab is on the remix with Twista). But at the last minute it feels like they talked Wayne into it and got him to do his verse in front of a green screen. And that shit really stands out; like the video went from professional to one of those karaoke video you get at Six Flags. Almost to the point that they should have just cut that part altogether. But maybe somebody thought Joe having a video with Wayne was too good of a look to pass up. Off No Love Lost.