Watch 10 Minutes Worth Of Vince Carter Dunks [Video]

Vince Carter

Even if you don’t have 10 minutes to spare, you should still watch this video of the Top 100 Vince Carter Dunks. Some quick reasons:

  • Vince Carter is the best dunker. Ever.
  • Vince Carter is the most exciting dunker. Ever.
  • The 10 minutes fly by like… Vince Carter dunking (See what I did there?)
  • You get to see a Vince Carter Olympic sized dunk over the 7’0 tall Frederick Weis of France (Spoiler Alert: That’s #1)

The NBA could just play this instead of next year’s slam dunk contest and I would be cool. And on a personal note, it’s also cool that my last name is also Carter and that I also wore the #15 during my short and sad high school.

Source: ATL Night Spots