Nelly Makes A Video For “Hey Porsche”. Song Is Still Terrible.

Hey Porsche

I get it Nelly. I really do. You trying to get back out there and you trying to do it by any means necessary. But this “Hey Porsche” shit is not a “2013 version of Prince’s ‘Little Red Corvette'”, it’s an early contender for “Worst Song Of 2013”. And the video? You working as a mechanic for an attractive wealthy woman who has a Porsche? Is this 1993? I knew something was wrong when Saule Wright couldn’t even condone this shit (And he goes to bat for almost all St. Louis rappers). Directed by Ethan Lade. Nelly’s album M.O. is expected to drop later this year.

Sidenote: Flo Rida took Nelly’s flow and now Nelly’s returning the favor.