FROCAST: Episode #240

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Damn Cowboys, debate on Nelly or Drake as the bigger star, a lil TV talk, a lil music news, a non-story AND the catching of the coons appears to be a thing. Yeah, we get into it and slander folks like only we know how, right here on The FROCAST.

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The Black Alex P. Keaton
The People's Champ/Founder
  1. Crazy/Great episode of the frocast. Great segments on TV Talk and movies. Crazy segment on Steve Harvey, Jim Brown, Kanye West, and other celebrities meeting/performing for Donald Trump. Interesting segment on the debate about Nelly and Drake. Valid points were made during this segment, but if I had to choose, it probably would be Nelly. Crazy story about the little girl sliding down on a pole, but catching heat. Crazy segment on Taxstone getting locked up, but crazy story about the guy, back in 05/06, that was going around killed like 4/5 people, but gets arrested, have like 50+ something charges against him and ends up being found not guilty. WTF?!!??! Crazy segments on Keep It 100 and Winners and Losers of the week. Crazy/Great episode.

  2. -I wanna try edibles, but I don’t have 2 days to lose.
    -My alcohol tolerance is too high, in a way that makes it not fun.
    -Janelle’s been hot for a minute. More people would notice if she hadn’t been rocking suits for so long.
    -You can’t wait too long with the assigned seat theaters. I took my mom early one Sunday after church, and shit was sold out.
    -Me & my homegirl spent $100 at the CineBistro joint. It was worth it.
    -I don’t like Trump speaking with Black people that Black people don’t view as leaders. Kanye and Ray Lewis don’t speak for Black people as a whole.
    -I caught “Tip Drill” one night by accident like the holy grail.
    -Brian Nichols was trying to get that real life GTA 5 stars.
    -That Popeyes helmet is top notch coonery.

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