Song of the Week: K-Dee – “Hittin’ Corners”


Anytime I hear this song I think about Friday when Smokey and Craig was in the living room after Craig got high for the first time.

K-Dee‘s “Hittin’ Corners” is so smooth and the beat is definitely G-Funk for sure. I miss that G-Funk sometimes. Anyway K-Dee use to collab with Westside Connnection alot during this time period. He was on Ice Cube’s “Make It Rough”, Mack-10’s “Here Comes The G”, & on other tracks.

This was made in 1994 on his only solo album Ass, Cash, or Gas with Lench Mob Records. In the music video you see how K-Dee spitting game with the ladies.

Enjoy this gem!

Download: K-Dee – “Hittin’ Corners”