Thick Girl Heaven: We Salute @PostBigFines

Miss Diva Kurves

Here’s the story: At one point earlier this year, somebody sent me a link to a Twitter account called @PostBigFines. What is @PostBigFines? A Twitter account that posts beautiful thick women or as it’s page description puts it:

Just a nigga that love em THICK. BIG is used loosely, this page celebrates all levels of thickness, thick, big thick, and EXTRA thick.

Since then that Twitter account has been loved, majorly hated on, suspended, & unsuspended. But during this whole time it’s brought a lot of joy into my life (And of course it would for a guy who sometimes calls himself Mike Awesome). With that being said, and with some help from King Jerm, we salute @PostBigFines and the gloriously thick women that’s it’s brought to my attention. Enjoy.