FROCAST: Episode #106


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This episode is dedicated completely to Biggie. Now,this is a “Warming” for you because “I Got a Story  To  Tell”. We wanted  to “Kick in the Door” with a dope show,but  Skype was in full “Player Hater” mode on us.  I mean damn, “What’s Beef?” I guess “Things Done Changed” because it’s simply “Unbelievable” how unreliable Skype has become for our shows. We tried to give it “One More Chance” but I think this show was the “Long Kiss Goodnight” for that shit. So  a “Friend of Mine” told me of another service and we’ll try that…because if this “Everyday Struggle” with recording continues, “Somebody’s Gotta Die”. Anyway, enough about that, if you make it through this episode, “Respect” because… I’m sick of talkin-  FROCAST: Episode #106.

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