Asher Roth feat. Major Myjah – “Last of the Flohicans” [Video]

Last of the Flohicans

Asher Roth‘s new video, “Last of the Flohicans”, could be mistaken for a 90’s Pearl Jam song if the volume was turned all the way down. Everything from the unfocused camera to reverse negative images make it seem like Eddie Vedder should be on vocals. But make no mistake, this is Ash Roth’s new video treatment.

The music clip doesn’t really say much but the lyrics are something to look out for. The song is off the newest album RetroHash which has left fans of the MC polarised between loving his college themed raps and his new found spiritual path. Click the play button to see a lot of distorted visuals of Asher walking through the desert while carrying a sword. Far from dope but worth checking out.