Asher Roth

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Asher Roth – “More Cowbell”

I've always thought Asher Roth could rhyme, but some of the recent stuff I haven't been that high on. I respected what him & Nottz did with the Rawth EP...
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Asher Roth Is The GOAT White Rapper

Yeah I said it. I recognize that it is another rapper out there that has laid claim to this title, but the title isn’t his anymore. Eminem you are yesterday...
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A Year Later: XXL’s “The 10 Freshmen”

It’s been almost a year since we did the article on XXL’s “The 10 Freshmen”. The XXL magazine cover featuring their picks for “Hip-Hop’s Class Of ‘09” gave th...
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The Numbers Game: Rick Ross Is #1

Deeper Than Rap did what most expected and debuted on the top of the charts. He sold over 150,000 copies in his first week. I'm not gonna get too heavy into...