Video: Tokyo Tribe (Trailer)

“The best Hip-Hop, kung-fu gang musical ever made”

Tokyo. A multitude of tribes exist, with resident youth ruling the streets through violence while protecting their own turf. Shibuya Saru, Shinjuku Hands, Kabuki GiraGira Girls, Musashino Saru and… Bukuro Wu-Ronz. Until now, crossing territorial lines has led to riots and rumbles.

In Bukuro, Big Buppa (Big Daddy), his son Nkoi and Wu-Ronz leader Mera have local politicians in their pockets, taking control of the neighbourhood while expanding their power. Even within tribal rivalries, Mera holds a particular grudge against Musashino Saru.

One day, Tokyo Tribe’s lead character Kai, a Musashino Saru member, enters Bukuro turf with fellow gang member Hasheem and Musashino Saru leader Tera to help out their abducted comrade, Kim. There, Kai meets a mysterious girl named Sunmi.

Kai and Mera face off.

Why does Mera regard Kai with such hostility?

What is Sunmi’s true identity?

Who is the ‘Archbishop’ that Big Daddy’s crew revere?

The tribes are on the verge of exploding. Tonight, Tokyo is about to be enveloped in a battle that must be seen to be believed…