The Top 5 Worst Rappers In The Game

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5. The coveted #5 spot goes to Birdman.

After CAREFULLY dissecting and doing plenty of research, I found that the spot was legit. The reason why he isn’t higher on the list is that he did give us the Hot Boys, and they are responsible for HELLA joints that are classics…and then he brought us Lil’ Wayne…and Weezy has had a pretty good run. So for giving us gifts he gets my respect. As far as rap goes though my friends…he is among the worst of ALL TIME. How about this?

“Higher than the ceiling…fly like a bird” …like a BIRD. #Bars. Ball ’til I fall I done did it for my dawgs. Ball ’til I fall I done did it for y’all” he REPEATED that…I lost braincells doing this research…be’lee dat

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