R&B Sunday: Eric Roberson – “Dealing”


This weeks edition of R&B Sunday is one of my favorites, easily a personal top 10-15 R&B song.

Eric Roberson’s music is pretty special to me, he’s one of the artists my wife put me onto. We actually saw  him in concert together too, had a great time. Dude is a great talent and makes some seriously dope music. “Dealing” is a great story about that relationship/situation that you shouldn’t have, but it feels great and you have it anyway. Now, a married guy like myself can only relate to this in retrospect, but musically it hits home. Lalah and Eric’s voices really song great together on this track and the do an awesome job of telling a simplistic story with all the emotion it deserves and Chris & Blac made the video just as awesome. This song may be this generations “As We Lay”.