R&B Sunday: Kindred – Family Treasures: Greatest Hits

R&B Sunday is doing something I didn’t think I’d be doing, discussing a greatest hits album. As we’ve learned, greatest hits albums are typically the thrown together albums of the top charting hits and remixes of a particular artist or group that are made to fulfill contractual obligations. For what they are, I haven’t found many to be useful because I probably have all those albums anyway or I can just turn on the radio to hear what you’ve picked. Then you get a group like Kindred the Family Soul who are not as commercially visible as a lot of other artists so the idea of a greatest hits album starts to feel a little obscure. What will they pick? How will they pick? I’ll also keep it all the way funky and say that the 5 albums that 15 years of marriage produced are not all the way live. I find myself picking and choosing out of those albums what I want to hear. I’m happy to say that with this album, they nailed it.

If I were to try and do a review for this album, I’d literally have to go track by track and give a rating to it, neither of which I plan to do. I will gladly say that if you’re looking for some dope soulful music, this is your album. Typically, I find myself picking from albums and making my own playlist for an artist but this time, I may actually just need to add a few tracks to what was selected…if that. Some of my absolute favorites are “Far Away”, “Rhythm of Life”, and “Stars”. You can put this on as the backdrop of any grown & sexy gathering with a group of people…or get your Kindred & Chill on. Full Saule Wright stamp of approval here. You won’t be sorry, pick it up.

Give a listen below and let me know what you think.