The FRO Horsemen Episode #70


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Let’s get ready to Ramble…. So my tag team partner is on the Be A Star tour and the third member of the trio has been suspended by The Authority so tonight…I’m in singles action. I’m not sure if I won or lost, I’ll you decide that. I ramble on topics such as WWE possibly being financially doomed, 5 things I want to see return to wrestling, and if Rollins should be the guy instead of Reigns. Now, with new territory comes growing pains….such as the audio being shit. I recorded on my new laptop and I guess things are set up right so it’s rough. As a matter of fact, anyone that makes it through this is hardcore. I didn’t want to put it up, but I did it so you get it. Let me know what you think of the show, barring the audio complaints. When GQ and I can’t get together, I may try and fit these in. Anyway, ring the damn bell….

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