R&B Sunday: Marsha Ambrosius – “Take Care”


There was a moment after the end of Floetry when the R&B world sorta panicked. Floetry were pretty huge in the neo-soul genre and the news of them breaking up had folks shook. Who would fill that void? What would happen to the duo? Where would we go to hear Marsha’s celestial vocals?

Well, 3 years removed from her last album as part of a duo, she hit us with her Yours Truly mixtape produced by Cannon. It was a pretty interesting album, not what I thought I’d get from her, but interesting nonetheless. One of the songs that I really rocked with was “Take Care”. There’s not much to describe about this one. It’s a good ol’ red light, satin sheet, late night, headboard-breaker song. Fellas, take my word for this one, watch her do this live and let me know how fast you download the mixtape just for this song.

Get here, baby, right away
I got you a place to stay
And you won’t ever wanna leave
Once you’re here with me, yeah
And you can tell just how I feel
I been wanting you for real
And it don’t take a lot to tell
That, boy, for you I fell so deep

Download: Marsha Ambrosius – Yours Truly