Ciara – “I Bet” [Video]


The main reason I’m posting Ciara‘s new music video “I Bet” is to prove something to King Jerm. See, me and King Jerm once debated about who was better: Keyshia Cole vs. Ciara. We did that in 2007 and we still to this day argue about it at least once every few weeks.

I still say Ciara has way more potential than Keyshia Cole and I think this music video for “I Bet” helps make that point. When was the last time you saw a good Keyshia Cole video? Yeah, Keyshia has a another reality show coming out but CiCi recently landed a gig on a new NBC variety show.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to talk about the actual music video. Ciara looks good it in and I even made a terrible GIF for it. Directed by Hannah Lux Davis. Her new album Jackie is dropping later this year.