R&B Sunday: Jill Scott – “You Don’t Know”


Jill Scott‘s perpetual flawlessness keeps her face and body in our minds even when there is no music out. She’s so fine, I’m inclined to believe her about Bill Cosby…however, when we get beyond that, there is still the music when all else fails. She’s making the rounds again lately with the soulful, “You Don’t Know”. This song is definitely some Brown likka music. I looked up and someone dealt me a dope ass spades hand and lit a black and mild next to me. If Amy Whinehouse or Adele had sung this one, they’d be making the rounds on all of our daytime TV shows by now…but I’m schleep doe.

So, let’s do a complete inventory here. Sexy, check. Poetic, check. Acting, check. Fine, check. Singer, check. Dope, check. Sensual, check. Single…check? Paid, check. Out of reach…. Check. Welp, at least you can listen to this song and watch the video. That’s all I got for ya.