WWE Wrestlemania XXXI: Thoughts & Predictions

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WWE Wrestlemania XXXI

Well, it’s time. The Second biggest national sporting event is here, Wrestlemania XXXI. WWE has chosen to ride with Reigns vs. Brock, a choice I condone. You can’t let the inmates run the asylum, even if we don’t like it. Vince has made 30 more events on the back of the initial gamble of Wrestlemania. After outlasting the territories and his biggest foe WCW, I’ve gotta give it to the old man, he seems to know what’s going on even if we complain about him every FRO Horsemen episode.

So going into this event, even if we’re not overly excited, we are excited about certain moments and it’s tradition to make our picks. So here ya go, the undisputed tag champs of this podcast shit, The FRO Horsemen (Saule Wright, GQ-Blu, & B-Easy) give their thoughts & predictions on the entire Mania card. Feel free to comment, critique and mark out throughout the show with the hashtag #FROhorsemen or just comment below. Also, we invite you to call us before we record this week and let us know what you thought of the show. 1-347-201-2572 We’ll play the comments and respond on the upcoming show! – Saule Wright

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