Video Game Review: Battlefield Hardline

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Campaign: This game gets the same unfortunate timing that Let’s Be Cops got in that it came out in a time where cops are being revealed as ain’t shit warriors of doom and gloom. So when I got this game I immediately was like… “Oh, I had that in my Queue?”.

It’s set up more like a police TV show than anything else, but I have to say the whole “dirty cop/good cop” shit is tiring and as I stated, the timing. I got maybe an hour into the gameplay and just wanted to quit. It looks pretty cool, but controls are stiff and mechanics seem to be off. I shouldn’t need two head shots to kill anyone. I don’t like how I’m dealing with drug runners armed with shotguns and such and they just comply when I hold up my badge… but that may be my gloved hand speaking. When you have to drive, it’s terrible and only offers behind the wheel viewing (from what I saw).

You can read the reviews about what the story is about, and outside of being an environment where the minorities are the cops and the white boy was the criminal, there wasn’t much to really take note of for me. Again, I think the timing may be throwing me off but I wasn’t overly impressed with anything here and didn’t feel the need to play more than an hour or so total of the campaign. It has potential but feels rushed, plagued by technical shortcomings and mediocre graphics.

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