5 Rapper/Producer Collab Albums We Need

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MF DOOM & Flying Lotus

First up is one that was rumored to be happening, but then turned out to be just one cruel April Fool’s prank. A tear was almost shed bruh. Almost. MF DOOM and Flying Lotus have collaborated only a couple of times with the tracks “Masquatch” for GTA V and “Between Villains” for Adult Swim. On both of those tracks, DOOM fits like a glove over the eerie production done by FlyLo. How couldn’t you want more? It’s not like DOOM doesn’t already have a handful of heat he’s done with other producers (Madlib, Danger Mouse, Jneiro Jarel). He might as well add this shit to the list. Stop playing and deliver FlyLo some verses DOOM, and while you’re at it finish up that new Madvillain album.

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