Flatbush ZOMBiES – “Blacktivist” [Video]

I never really fucked with Flatbush ZOMBiES like that, but I’m memorized by their new music video “Blacktivist”. First off, the name of the video is “Blacktivist” so it gets a point there. Secondly, the imagery is insane and it feels like you’re watching one of those videos like from that scene from Clockwork Orange. But then you realize it’s just imagery from stuff we see all the the time in today’s world.

Wait, it this a new form of “Horrorcore”? I’m kinda scared but there’s titties at the end of the video so I don’t know. Directed by Mario Pfeifer & Drew Arnold.

Sidenote: I thought the Flatbush ZOMBiES has was back to being a duo and the guy with the beard left the group or something. I’m too lazy to research (Shout out to the FROCAST).