Killer Mike Endorses Senator Bernie Sanders For President

Mike & Bearnie

The same day I commented that Killer Mike is on my Top 5 Dead or Alive List on Davillah‘s latest article, the Atlanta native led a hometown rally into a frenzy for Senator and Democratic Presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders, with a five minute speech/intro.

The business owner, outspoken activist, and MC shared several moments on his Instagram of the Senator visiting his barbershop and enjoying the soul food of Busy Bee Cafe hours before the rally. One cosign can change everything. I almost became a voter for Bernie Sanders based off this speech alone, but I’m still not ready to commit to one candidate just yet.

Sidenote: This definitely helps my case about Killer Mike being one of the best rappers of all time. He is definitely a Master of Ceremonies, look at how he has the crowd with only the power of his words, and quick reference to his song, “Untitled”. The fact that he did it while wearing a Run The Jewels sweatshirt too is bad ass as well. Killer Mike For Vice President, if Sanders wants my vote.