Album Sales: August Alsina, R. Kelly, & Michael Jackson

August Alsina is a mystery to me. For whatever reasons, I never had any interest in his music whatsoever and I can’t name one of his hit songs off the top of my head (Weirdly enough, I do remember that rumor going around about him ripping a groupie’s cervix during sex or something). Either way, his sophomore album This Thing Called Life lands at #14 and sells around 31,000.

I know it’s been a minute since we saw R. Kelly piss on that 14 year-old (Can you believe that shit happened in 2002?!), but I still have issues listening to his music. That being said, he dropped his 13th album last week with The Buffet and it still pushed around 39,000 units. I’m not gonna shame you people for buying that album, because when he dies and the real movie about his life comes out, I’ll be the first one to illegally download it.


This happened last week, but Michael Jackson‘s Thriller is the first album to sell 30 million albums in the United States. It also has sold over a 100 million copies worldwide. Impressive.

Adele‘s 25 still has the #1 spot (Almost 6 million albums sold in 4 weeks), but I had no idea that her previous album from 2011, 21, is currently at the #8 position.

Justin Bieber‘s album Purpose sits at #3 and is officially Platinum at 1,014,000 in total sales. And now we’ll stop talking about Justin Bieber.