Song of the Week: Rick Ross feat. John Legend – “Magnificent”

Confession. I was completely unaware that Rozay was dropping a new album last Friday. As a writer for a Hip-Hop website I understand that is kinda missed up (I was gonna say problematic but that’s so 2016). Coincidentally, I think a lot of people have been buzzing about Rick Ross, but maybe not for the best reasons. Cut to the chase, it’s really hard to definitively say whether or not Ricky is a “good” emcee. Maybe it’s the sole Platinum plaque. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s more CB4 than NWA.

But this space is not the place for a Boss thinkpiece. The fact is that Ross will always be in my good graces. Why you ask? Somehow this song, “Magnificent” featuring John Legend, was very important to me 8 years ago as I was seeking membership into a particular organization. And while the journey was long, the lush production coupled with Ross always on point musings of luxury helped me keep my mind of the brighter days ahead, with royal blue skies.