Vince Staples – “Rain Come Down” [Video]

Water is the most important element and essential to all facets of life. Thanks to Mick Jenkins for teaching me that years ago with his classic, in my opinion, The Waters. I’ve been hearing about Vince Staples for awhile, unfortunately, not even a co-sign from No I.D. really had him on my radar. It was the 2nd single from his sophomore album, “Big Fish” featuring Juicy J, that got my attention.

Stranded away from everyone and everything (Except for subtle Sprite placement), the LBC native relies on only himself to survive until he finds refuge in a diner, an unexpected cameo on the song, and a heavy rainstorm to quench his thirst in the visual for his 3rd single, “Rain Come Down”.

Vince Staples’ personality has won me over thanks to his appearance on Complex’s Everyday Struggle. Seriously! Now his album, The Big Fish Theory is next up on my “Albums To Listen To On Spotify Next” list.