Nicki Minaj – “Chun-Li” & “Barbie Tingz” [Video]

To be honest, of the two songs that Nicki Minaj recently released, I didn’t really like “Chun-Li” or “Barbie Tingz”. But seeing that I really like looking at a scantly clad Nicki Minaj, I’m way into the visuals for the songs. The first one, “Chun-Li”, of course is Asian inspired and it’s more stylized and probably took the more work of the two to make. But my favorite is the more simplistic “Barbie Tingz”. The gif below can explain why it’s my favorite:

“Chun-Li” was directed by Steven Klein & “Barbie Tingz” was directed by Giovanni Bianco & Nicki Minaj. Check out both below.