3D Na’Tee – “Infrared (T.Mix)” [Video]

Streaming changing the music industry is an understatement. Because of some many copyright laws and sample clearances, we will never hear some of the best mixtapes ever released again. The outdated format of mixtapes being collections of freestyles over popular beats is DEAD to me. I appreciate established artists “freestyling” over beats during radio promo runs, but I judge new artists harsher for manipulating someone else’s success for attention. With that being said, I love 3’D Natee‘s T.Mixes.

Monday mornings are for the New Orleans independent artist, director, and entrepreneur to rhyme over a song chosen by fans in her YouTube comments. Not to brag, but I did get a S/O last week after her rendition of Drake’s “Nice For What”. A suggestion that was an easy decision to hear a 504 girl over the most mainstream Bounce song recently. This week in “It Was All Good Just A Week Ago”, Pusha T’s “Infrared” becomes the foundation for her to expose some of the tales behind the doors of label exec’s offices and the mental, traumatic aftermath of artists’ decisions for fame. The woman got BARZ!!!! Start your week off right and enjoy the Monday Morning Exercise.

Enjoy this recently released documentary from 2017 to give more backstory and insight of who Samantha “3D Na’Tee” James is and what she stands for in the industry and her 3rd Ward community.