REBOOT! Watch ‘The Girl In The Spider’s Web’ Trailer!

R.I.P. Stieg Larsson! The Millenium series is back with this reboot sans David Fincher, Daniel Craig, and Rooney Mara as the titular character. Director Fede Alvarez, Sverrir Gudnason, & Claire Foy are leading the film adaptation of the 4th book written by David Lagercrantz, The Girl In The Spider’s Web. As a fan of Larsson’s books, I was disheartened from the controversy of the fight for his estate by his family and his partner that lead to a 4th unfinished manuscript not being completed and a new writer continuing his series after his death. On the film side, I loved the American version from Fincher more than the original Swedish versions; even though the 2011 film was a box office and critical success, the sequels were never filmed.

Instead of focusing on what if and comparing it to the past, I will look forward and give a chance to the next chapter in the story of Lisbeth Salander, the genius hacker with a past that motivates her to save women from violence, but what about the woman from her past that she left behind? We’ll see November 9th, LaKeith Stanfield made it in the trailer!