R&B Sunday: Herizen – “Fragile Mind”

I really hope people are appreciating all the music that has been released this year. I’m looking forward to the comment section of upcoming “End of the Year lists” from sites and publications because I know projects are going to be left off and forgotten. It won’t be from lack of quality; it will be because of too much quantity. This column should be a lot easier to do on a weekly basis, but I haven’t been able to just pick one song from three full projects that come out in one weekend. #FirstWorldProblems

Herizen (Pronounced, “Horizon,” I’m not ashamed to say I watched several interviews to learn that fact) released her debut on October 25th. The 7-track project has songs like “Social Jungle”, where the 22-year old lampoons the online personas of her friends and contemporaries while “Paradise” is a description of a utopia where all fantasies become reality. Today’s choice from the actress turned singer is track 6, “Fragile Mind”. Know your triggers and stay far, far away from them and pleases, please know where all the exits to your safety are at all times. Happy Sunday!

Bonus: The title track is still stuck in my head after three weeks and every time I sing it I want to change the lyrics to “Come over to my place”R.I.P Teddy P.