Album Backlog Vol. 2: Logic, Takeoff, & Mike WiLL Made-It

It took me a minute to get back to this column but I wasn’t worried because the list of albums I’m not able to review keeps piling up. As with last time, I’ll quickly give my thoughts on albums I’m finally getting around to listening to (THESE ARE NOT A REAL REVIEWS) and give my favorite track from the albums. Here we go (again) with Backlog Vol. 2.

Logic – YSIV

Logic may be a little corny but he can still rap. That being said, I’m kinda jumped off the Logic train after Under Pressure. I really haven’t connected with any of the albums he’s released since. Add YSIV to that list as I only kept a few songs in my iTunes after listening to the project. Don’t feel bad for Young Sinatra though, he has a crazy and loyal fanbase. My favorite song off YSIV is “The Glorious Five” and has Logic (again) doing his best J. Cole impersonation.

Takeoff – The Last Rocket

I heard a few claims that Takeoff is actually the best members of Migos (That even includes Gucci Mane). I don’t agree but I also barely care. But I’ll give Takeoff this, he has the best solo project out of Migos rappers (I guess until Offset drops something). Also, props to him for only having one guest feature on his debut album. Not after saying all that, The Last Rocket isn’t really my thing. I listened to it a couple times and I could barely remember any songs. So I guess I’ll just choose the intro song for The Last Rocket, “Martian”.

Mike WiLL Made-It – Creed II: The Album

My only problem with the Mike WiLL Made-It produced Creed II: The Album is that as of this writing, I haven’t had time to actually see the movie it inspired. I just feel weird listening to a soundtrack for a movie I haven’t watched. Still, Creed II: The Album is the best album on this list. It would probably have gotten more shine if the Black Panther soundtrack didn’t also come out in 2018. Every song on Creed II: The Album isn’t a total win but it does have star-studded features, mostly good production, a range of different styles, and more importantly, a song by Crime Mob. Of course I’m picking that song.