Surviving R. Kelly [Review]

It’s not that social media is evil; the people posting their “opinions” are the problem and reason for my hiatus. 

Tuesday night, I completed the 6-part docuseries Surviving R. Kelly on By part two, I was disgusted by the Chicago singer. By part four, I was disgusted by anyone that ignored his survivors. I could easily make this a “(Black) Men Are Trash” article, but I’m going to keep it gender neutral. This past weekend was the first time in three weeks that I checked social media. Scrolling down my Facebook were many asking why was there so much coverage on one Black man when there have been many men accused of sexual abuse in the past few years. BECAUSE R. KELLY HAS NOT FACED ANY FUCKING REPERCUSSIONS! What Kevin Spacey? He’s on trial. What about Harvey Weinstein? He’s about to be on trial. What about Hugh Hefner? He’s dead. What about R Kelly? He’s about to go on tour. 

To the people that say they can separate the man from the art, GO FUCK YOURSELVES! I want to know where was this same energy when Frank Ocean said he fell in love with a man before the release of his debut album, Channel Orange. Every single time since then, I’ve heard, “Can’t listen to that, he’s probably talking about another man.” Every time Robert sings about sex, he’s probably talking about a minor because his older brother says, “His preference is younger women.” If you can really separate the man and his “personal business” from his art, we can talk about a talented young singer by the name of serpentwithfeet that puts it on front street that he is gay. 

To the people defending him because he is a Black man, I ask sincerely, “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YALL?” A man rumored to be a pedophile for nearly 30 years should not be the Black man you are trying to save. Was his contributions to the Chiraq soundtrack really that influential and powerful to Black people and our struggle? Hell naw. The Pied Piper ain’t did shit or said shit about any injustice for Black America. Did he march, use his influence or money for good? He smoked cigars and kept a house full of women afraid to leave him. That’s not the grenade you want to jump on at any time. There are Black fathers in the docuseries that want to see their daughters again. You’re putting one Black man over dozens of Black women that have been abused and sharing these stores for dozens of years.

I hate that every time we speak on women being sexually harassed we have to make references to women in our lives. I found myself doing it while being appalled at the sight of men ignoring women that look like members of their families. It shouldn’t matter if you have a sister or daughter, if someone accuses another person of something, investigate. If several people accuse one people of wrongdoing, that’s a red flag. If several people accuse one person of doing the same fucking thing for 30 years, it’s more than likely that it’s true. Let me guess, R.Kelly was trying to buy NBC and they came through to take him down because he was getting too powerful.

The parents should have done better. NO, R. KELLY SHOULD NOT BE FUCKING 17-YEARD-OLDS OR KEEPING 19-YEAR-OLDS AWAY FROM THEIR FAMILIES. From part four to the last hour, several women described almost identical details of how he broke his victims down to be submissive to him. There were buckets used in rooms instead of allowing them to leave to use the bathroom. 

NO ONE GETS PAID FOR FUCKING DOCUMENTARIES! Give me a quote on how much do you think people got paid for this. They want you to listen to the traumatic events that they haven’t been able to share for years because of fear and judgement. “They’re just doing it for publicity and fame.” Name three of R. Kelly’s accusers. Can you? Here’s another quiz. Name two of Bill Cosby’s accuser. Can’t do it, but I bet you can name the entire cast of the latest season of Love & Hip-Hop because one group of women are on TV for fame and another is to save from victims from their nightmarish experiences with a man that they thought they could trust and love.

FUCK TMZ AND ANYONE THAT WANTS TO SHARE HAPPY TIMES OF ABUSERS WITH THEIR VICTIMS TO FALSIFY THEIR ACCUSATIONS! Footage of Andrea Kelly enjoying the music or past victims enjoying themselves at a concert does not exonerate that monster. Tina Turner stood next to Ike Turner and performed on a stage like everything was good. Nicole Simpson and her husband OJ Simpson have pictures of them together happy. WHAT’S YOUR FUCKING POINT? We’ve seen countless pictures of women smiling next to their abusive husbands. I don’t think because a woman is smiling in a fucking family Christmas photo that her husband never physically or emotionally abused her.

Well, that’s my review of Surviving R. Kelly. 5 stars all around to the producers, director, editors, contributors, and of course, the survivors. I give R. Kelly and anyone that still fucks with him, my two Black middle fingers.