R&B Sunday: Jamila Woods – “Eartha”

Long Live Lady Eloise!

Guys, we failed, including me. March was Women’s History Month and we didn’t do enough. Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and I didn’t post, I just spent time with my Mom. So selfish of me! Today we’re going to ride someone’s else waves instead of being creative. Chicago’s own Jamila Woods delivered her sophomore album, Legacy! Legacy! on May 10th. The follow-up to her excellent, 2016 debut, HEAVN, consists of songs inspired Ms Woods’ favorite artists of color. “Eartha,” of course, is a dedication to Eartha Kitt. R.I.P. to the legend of film, television, music, and the stage and thank you for being an activist that inspires Jamila to be not only a voice in music, but an advocate, poet, and teacher in her hometown of Chicago. Happy Sunday!

Also, S/O to them for using the 1989 Batmobile created by Anton Furst even though Ms. Kitt was Catwoman in the final season of the 1960’s Batman. Arguably, the best Batmobile.

You get it? “Zora” was inspired by Zora Neale Hurston.