Song of the Week: Tha Dogg Pound – “Big Pimpin'”

I wish it was more reasons behind this Song of the Week. I chose this track mainly because I was looking for the instrumental for Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin'” and rediscovered the Tha Dogg Pound song of the same name. I say rediscovered because while I remember when this song first came out, I have been singing the Nate Dogg part for a few days now. (“I was at the park one day, that’s when I saw her face…”)

The Dogg Pound’s “Big Pimpin'”, of course, originally comes from the highly celebrated yet somehow still underrated Above The Rim soundtrack. And other than Kurupt not making an appearance, this is the DPGC in full force. Funny enough, the spoken word part from Big Pimpin’ Delemond might have the biggest part of the song. (I’m still not sure if that’s his proper name)

Either way, grab your pimp cup or dogg collar and chill out to quality 1996 G-funk.