Alt-Day Tuesday: HELLA MEGA TOUR

My Teenage/Adolescent Angst Lives!

Today on YouTube, Weezer, Green Day, and Fall Out Boy uploaded videos to their respective channels to announce their joint summer tour, HELLA MEGA TOUR. Yeah. In 2020. What? Yes.

There will be a tour start starts overseas next March, but the bands will not touch North America till July. I’m pretty sure by then I will be familiar with the music of the opening act, The Interrupters, by then. Also, if we’re comparing promo videos, Fall Out Boy wins the promo game. Weezer featured the rubber alien in their new video to announce the tour. (When is the Area 51 raid again?) Green Day CGI’d some faces into the battle scene from ‘Anchorman.’ While FOB hired the king of marketing and promotions, Slick Ric AKA The Nature Boy, Ric Flair to let us know what is in store for Summer 2020. July 31st, Globe Life Field. That reminds me I have to go see the Rangers play their last season at Globe Life Park. Summer 2019 ain’t over yet!

Fall Out Boy

“Dear Future Self (Hands Up)” feat. Wyclef Jean


“The End of the Game”

Green Day

“Father Of All…”