Alt-Day Sunday: Weezer – “L.A. Girlz”

Whiet Album

This Weezer song has been in my head for the last four days. I know of Weezer, but I don’t know their music enough to claim to be a fan. “Beverly Hills” is anthem material, “Buddy Holly” is dope, & “Perfect Situation”, video and song, is one of my favorites. With “L.A. Girls”, from their tenth studio album, Weezer (The White Album), I found myself not only enjoying the song, but trying to analyze the concept of the video.

In the video, a young boy portrays Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of the band. He is hanging out on the beach by himself snapchatting, air-guitaring, and doing his own version of the Milly Rock (S/O to Kirk Franklin!). Later in the video, our adolescent protagonist is seen with a playmate. It’s a grown woman with tattoos and a body that has been worked on to get to its current form. We see a grown woman playing in the sand with a little boy, but I think the grown woman is actually a little girl based on her actions. The chorus of the song is “L.A. girls, please act your age”. Inspired by the song, she is acting her age, viewers see her as older than her male counterpart because she is a product of the L.A. lifestyle/culture of young girls’ appearance being older than their actual age to sell sex, but in reality they are the same age. Am I overthinking this?

Anyway, check out the video above and the three other songs below from their latest album:

“Do You Wanna Get High?”

“California Kids”

“King Of The World”