Watch The Trailer For ‘Birds of Prey’

I went into 2020 without experiencing two of 2019’s phenomenons. I didn’t see Joker and I didn’t eat a Popeye’s chicken sandwich. Am I even a red blooded-American male? Yes, I identify as one, I just didn’t find the time. I will have the time to see Margot Robbie play Harley Quinn again. Unfortunately, I saw Suicide Squad at midnight screening on opening day and I only enjoyed Will Smith’s Deadshot and Robbie’s portrayal of the abused lover of Mr. J. I’m not sure if she will return for the sequel, but it has been confirmed that Smith will not be in the James Gunn-directed film.

Coincidentally, I watched the 3-month-old teaser trailer for Birds of Prey yesterday twice for no reason other than knowing that the movie is coming out soon and I hadn’t heard many promos lately. Welp, here they go and I’m not going to watch because I have seen enough and I’m already going to see it, but y’all enjoy the new trailer for the Cathy Yan-directed DC film.

Gotham’s worst brings out their best. Meet Harley Quinn, Black Canary, Huntress, Renee Montoya, and Cassandra Cain. #BirdsOfPrey in theaters 2.7.20.

Someone be a friend and share that DC Universe password so I can watch the animated Harley Quinn. The clips I have seen on Twitter have been hilarious.